The DSM-5 defines a substance use disorder as a cluster of cognitive, behavioral, and physiological symptoms indicating that the individual continues using the substance despite significant substance-related problem. For parental substance misuse, we included any consumption of alcohol/drugs meeting threshold for harmful or addictive levels such as codes mentioning “dependence”, “specialist/enhanced treatment”, class A through C drugs (e.g. A: heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, LSD), self-report measures (≥35 alcohol units per week higher risk drinking)55 and validated measures with higher cut-off scores (≥20 AUDIT score, SADQ ≥31 scores etc). Indicators for alcohol consumption are also available via the HDR UK CALIBER phenotype library.

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Parental substance misuse (1091)


ACE domain, Indicator(s) Rule-based algorithms Scrip/code*
MSM, Alcohol misuse Severe Include if continuous data meets the cut-off assigned to each code (see code list): e.g. AUDIT: ≥20; AUDIT-PC: ≥10; SADQ ≥31; ≥35 alcohol units per week (analogous to higher-risk drinking/harmful drinking/alcohol dependence; see NICE guidelines); >200 mg alcohol per 100 ml blood is classed as potential high-risk offender when driving in England/Wales (see UK gov) (applies to hospital admission codes in this study). msm_alcohol <- merged_data %>% filter(Domain=="MSM" & Indicator_1=="Alcohol misuse" & scale=="1" & data1 > cut_off)


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Department of Health. Alcohol guidelines review: report from the guidelines development group to the UK chief medical officers. London: Department of Health. January, 2016

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Dr Shabeer Syed, Clinical Psychologist & Senior Research Associate