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Download code lists

Think-family approach: Unless specified, indicators refers to information recorded in the child, mother and father.

Note: The indicators uses control flow methods to implement rule-based algorithms must be applied to specific indicators (mainly HRP-CM) to prevent misclassification including age-restrictions, exclusions of accidental injuries, genetic predispositions (bone diseases), traumatic birth injuries or maternal-child transmissions during birth (see below).

All ACE indicators:

Right-click on link to save as a “.txt” file (i.e. using option “save link as”) Total number of included ACE codes: 8802 (ACEs) + 8808 (covariates) Total number of excluded/tested codes: 7671

By ACE domain:

Covariates: non-ACEs used to add information to risk prediction models (8808)

Code lists for rule-based exclusions

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Dr Shabeer Syed, Clinical Psychologist & Senior Research Associate